‘Your ALTITUDE will have NO ENDING, if your ATTITUDE has a positive BEGINNING’

The philosophy embodied by the CEO of Edward L. Enterprises, Inc. (ELE), Edward L. Surratt.

This powerful and thought provoking North Carolina native has built this company on the
premise of “showing individuals and organizations how to rejuvenate one’s spirit and amplify
their ability to succeed.” Mr. Surratt has inspired and challenged leaders and organizations
across the nation achieve greater levels of success.

ELE is certain that challenges present themselves daily, and as a result, it can become difficult to
motivate and inspire individuals to continually reach their highest potential. In today’s vast
society, some individuals may not accept or receive internal constructive criticism, thus at times
allowing one to become frustrated, and causing them not to perform at their highest level
potential. If this sounds like a situation you currently face or may face, please allow ELE to
assist you in providing you or your organization with the training and necessary tools to continue
achieving excellence. We believe that ELE and your organization will set the standard for other
organizations and individuals across the country.

Edward L. Enterprises, Inc encourages you to utilize our services by contacting our office at the
information listed above. We want to be an integral partner with you as you continue to develop,
train, and empower you and or your organization build confident and effective relationships.
Always, remember, “Your ALTITUDE will have NO ENDING, if your ATTITUDE has a positive BEGINNING.”
Edward L.