Edward L. Enterprises, Inc. offers the finer services in the following:


  • Leadership Development
  • Student Keynote Addresses
  • Youth Empowerment Training
  • Professional Staff Development
  • Motivational Speeches
  • Peak Performance Coaching

We take pride in constructing and delivering keynotes and workshops that we design specifically for you and your organization. When you collaborate with us, you help set the tone for inspired success throughout your organization. Below is only a partial listing of the keynotes and workshops that we offer.

Keynote Addresses

(Offered but not limited to)

  • “You’re In The Way, Or On The Way”
  • “Do You Have What It Takes To Win?”
  • “Which Attitude Did You Bring Today?”
  • “I Had It; I Lost It; and Now I Want It Back. RESPECT!!!”
  • “Know Your D.N.A.”




(Offered but not limited to)

  • Stop, Refocus, & Revamp! It’s All About Your Attitude
  • The D.N.A. of Success
  • Winning In The Fourth Quarter
  • Making A Difference by Making Proud Choices
  • Access Granted

An outcome, after Edward L. Enterprises, has seen increases in the following areas: Productivity, Profitability, Self Esteem, Test Scores, and Self Awareness.


“Your ALTITUDE will have NO ENDING, if your ATTITUDE has a positive BEGINNING” Edward L.Surratt



Are You In Need of A Empowerment Coach?


Do you have a desire or goal that you are having trouble manifesting?

Do you need help clarifying what is next for you?

Do you feel stuck in an uneasy job, life situation, thought pattern?

Are you in a time of transition?

Would you like to feel passionate about your life and career?>

Are you looking for a change in profession?

Are you willing to try on new concepts and different ways of doing things?

Are you willing to commit the time, resources, and energy it will take to fulfill your desires?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, sessions with an Empowerment Coach may be a good investment for you.

Coaching is all about looking forward to where you want to go, not back at where you have been. It is time to move on, ask an Empowerment Coach to help.