“Mr. Edward L. Surratt is the ‘real-deal’.  I have personally experienced him taking adversities of life and converting them into opportunities for life.  This epitomizes what life is truly about.  It is not what happens that shapes one’s destiny; it is how one chooses to deal with what happens that shapes one’s destiny.  So, if you are looking for someone who can empower individuals from all walks of life to reach their optimal potential and cultivate their innate greatness, I strongly recommend Mr. Edward L. Surratt as a coach, consultant or keynote speaker.”

K. L. Alston, Founder, K. L. Alston Enterprises

“If Better is Possible, … Good is No Longer As Option”,  is the tag line of Dream Builders Communication, Inc. (DBC) and a quote that has truly been embraced by Edward L Surratt.  We have had the awesome privilege to partner with Edward L Enterprises empowering individuals, and organizations across the country, and have been delighted with his dedication and willingness to win.  Edward’s patience and genuine concern gives him an edge over his competitors.  We anticipate and look forward to working with him and his company again to: motivate, empower, encourage, and inspire the masses.”

Mr.  Kenston J. Griffin, Founder & CEO, of Dream Builders Communication, Inc.

“I just wanted to comment on what a wonderful coach Mr. Surratt has been in my professional and personal life. You truly have the gift to change and inspire lives. Anyone who is contemplating this service, my advice……JUMP RIGHT IN! You will not be sorry, but grateful, motivated and ready for whatever comes your way! …You are not just changing people but the world, one heart and mind at a time! Be blessed!”

Mrs. Yvette Stevenson, Founder & CEO of Gimme A Cupcake

“Edward L. Surratt has shown his ability to be a positive force for changes that benefit the community and an uplifting spirit that unifies all people who come in contact with him. He is a man of deep faith and belief in God who stands on proven Godly principles.  Mr. Surratt conveys those principles to others with powerful eloquence and sincere straight forward methods of applying those values to the lives of workshop participants. Mr. Surratt is also committed to helping young people to live better lives through proper motivation and spiritual guidance and he has the ability to relate to the needs of young people while remaining a positive role model.”

Mrs. Mary B. Patterson, District Director of Christian Education of the A.M.E. Zion Church

It is with great honor that I have been offered the opportunity to speak on behalf of this motivating, inspiring, and empowering individual. Mr. Edward L. Surratt, CEO of Edward L. Enterprises, Inc embraced the mission of Colleton County School District of Making A World Of Difference To Make A Different World. Mr. Surratt brought forth a motivational speech to our entire school district that focused on the educational success of everyone. His speech elevated the expectations of the students and faculty to a level of great expectations for the new school year.

Mr. Surratt stressed to the students and faculty their role as it pertains to their commitment, passion, and attitude! As a result of this powerful speech to help prepare for our new school year, I can say that I personally witnessed a change in attitudes and passion and an overall renewing of committed employees that are truly about the success of every child in the Colleton County School District.

Mr. Surratt conducted himself in a positive and professional manner and he is an excellent role model for all students and staff. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Edward L. Enterprises in the near future!


Dr. Franklin L. Foster, EdD

Colleton County School District Superintendent